George Zimmerman Sues NBC

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On Thursday, December 6, 2012, George Zimmerman filed a legal complaint against NBCUniversal Media, LLC and three individuals who were employed by NBCUniversal Media, LLC, Inc. during the time relevant to the complaint: Ron Allen, Lilia Rodriguez Luciano, and Jeff Burnside. The 24-page complaint alleges “NBC News saw the death of Trayvon Martin not as a tragedy but as an opportunity to increase ratings, and so set about to create the myth that George Zimmerman was a racist and predatory villain.” The complaint, filed in Seminole County, demands a trial by jury, and demands damages sufficient to invoke the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court.


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This website is operated on behalf of George Zimmerman by the O’Mara Law Group and The Beasley Firm, LLC. The purpose of the website is to provide news and public documents related to Mr. Zimmerman’s complaint against NBC. Like the website, this site necessary to counter the avalanche of negative publicity -- and as the George Zimmerman v. NBCUniversal Media, LLC. complaint alleges –- including deceptive and exploitative journalism that has defamed the character of George Zimmerman.

This website will share many of the same goals outlined in the article entitled “Why Social Media for George Zimmerman” on the website, especially the goal of Disputing Misinformation. However, in the case of the website, we intend on disputing misinformation with the same publicity and vigor that it was originally spread by NBC.